The Barton Remote Tutoring System and the Barton Reading & Spelling System have partnered to provide a cutting-edge, easy-to-use, and effective remote tutoring system for Barton tutors.

100+ Lessons at Your Fingertips!

Setting up materials before and during lessons is an inefficient use of your time. Our solution enables you to spend less organizing and more time changing lives.

Barton has been my go-to for a strong Orton-Gillingham based program that gets results. Whizzimo has provided the online tools and platform to allow me to work with students an hour away, across the country and even as far away as Brazil and Germany!
- Janet S.
Whizzimo app preview
Whizzimo app preview
Whizzimo app preview
Whizzimo app preview

Reach More Students in Less Time

Stop being limited to students in your vicinity and start teaching students around the country - or the world! Even families in your area may appreciate having one less activity to travel to during their busy weeks.

I love using the Barton Remote Tutoring System on Whizzimo! I have many online students, and this saves me so much time. Each lesson is complete, including all of the student pages, eliminating the need to waste time during lessons. Some of my in-person students also prefer using Whizzimo now for their lessons because my ability to move faster between activities keeps them more engaged.
- Betty M.

Use a Barton-Recommended System

We worked closely with Susan Barton and her team for over a year developing the content in the Barton Remote Tutoring System.

As a Barton tutor, I enjoy the ease of use of the pre-loaded Barton lessons within Whizzimo. It is a wonderful time saver for Barton tutors. Not only will I continue to use the Barton specific lessons, this system also gives me the option of creating my own review lessons and targeted word lists using Whizzimo’s core functionality to further individualize my tutoring for each student.
- Darlene L.
Whizzimo app preview
Whizzimo app preview
The Barton Remote Tutoring System
One-Time Fees: $50 set-up fee + $50 per level
*Levels 1 & 2 are bundled together
Yearly Fee: $99.99 Whizzimo Subscription
*Plan Level - Superhero Plus
Example: Levels 1-4 would cost $50 for setup, $150 for the levels and $99.99 for a Whizzimo subscription, if necessary, for a total of $299.  After the first year, the only recurring fee would be the $99.99 subscription cost.

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