Reach More Students in Less Time with the Ultimate Teaching Assistant

Whizzimo helps literacy educators save time, improve their teaching experience, and foster student success in reading and spelling.

Showcasing Whizzimo app in a laptop

Start Teaching with the Click of a Button

We don't think you should have to set up your teaching materials over and over again. If you agree, let Whizzimo automatically set them up for you at the beginning of each lesson. And perhaps the best part is that you'll never need 3 g's to spell "giggle" again.

Whizzimo app preview
Whizzimo app preview
Whizzimo app preview
Whizzimo app preview

Create the Most Powerful Wordlists in the Galaxy

Our 100,000+ word database will find the exact words that you are looking for in seconds. And for even more time savings, simply select from our 300+ prebuilt wordlists that cover the most commonly taught phonics concepts.

Whizzimo is the premier digital teaching platform for multisensory reading and spelling instruction. I recommend it to all of my teacher training students.
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Whizzimo works seamlessly alongside my current reading curriculum. It's the first digital tool that doesn't make me choose between the 'old' way and the 'new' way.
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Who is Whizzimo made for?


Teach foundational reading and spelling skills in grades K-3.

Remote Tutors

Provide diagnostic, prescriptive, and individualized instruction over the internet.

Special Educators

Save time developing instructional materials for students of all ages.

You’ll Get...
Activities, Activities, and More Activities

Teach Face-to-Face or Remotely

Whizzimo works wonderfully whether your students are right next to you or 1,000 miles away. In person, you can use a computer or smartboard to deliver instruction. Remotely, Whizzimo provides the interactive and multisensory experience students need when paired with Zoom or any similar web meeting program.

Customize Whizzimo to Match Your Teaching Style

Tired of reading programs that make you adapt to them? We are too. That’s why Whizzimo is fully customizable. Everything from the letter tiles’ colors to how words are displayed on the screen is under your complete control.

Whizzimo powers every part of my literacy instruction - word study, spelling, morphology, fluency, and comprehension.
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Whizzimo works fabulously with both my in-person and online tutoring students.
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Whizzimo is...

Reading-System Friendly

Whizzimo is equally effective when used on its own or alongside your current reading system.

Fully Customizable

Everything from the letter tiles’ colors to the concepts you will cover are customizable with just a few clicks.


Your Whizzimo account is accessible on any tablet or computer.  Move from device to device without missing a step.


Whizzimo's fourteen reading and spelling activities are aligned with the best multisensory literacy practices.

Simple & Powerful

Our powerful software and elegant design simplifies tasks like creating materials, charting progress, and planning lessons.


Whizzimo works on all smartboards. Simply turn it on, login to Whizzimo, and start having fun!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for Whizzimo to see what it feels like to have teaching superpowers!